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Keeping the American dream alive, through hard work, craftsmanship and artistic design.

In 1984, nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, 20 miles south of Yosemite National Park in California, Michael Stephany, a lifelong resident of Bass Lake, began his 30 year career as a craftsman. With access to the infamous groves of redwoods located in the region, creating signs from this exceptional resource quickly grew from a small town business to multiple permanent locations in Great America, Sea World, Knott’s Berry Farm and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

In 1997, Michael met his future wife, Ana. A native of Bebedouro, Brazil, Ana taught English as a second language before coming to America on a work visa. In 2000, they not only married, but became lifelong business partners as well.

Ana and Michael
Michael and Ana soon employed the talent of family and friends and began traveling together throughout California, Nevada and Colorado. Bringing their unique designs and exceptional woodworking skills to State and County fairs, as well as, art and craft shows, reaching consumers that had never seen or had access to these simple, yet beautiful home accent signs popular in central California.

With the foresight and demand for new products, in 2006, Michael and Ana introduced Solar Light Designs. Handcrafted wood logs with a variety of themes catering to all individuals. Fisherman, gardeners, animal enthusiasts and sports fans welcomed and encouraged the expansion of these functional and artistic handcrafted logs that represented their unique and individual tastes.

Expanding even further, in 2011, Ana inspired by a trip to the San Francisco bay area, returned home, purchased a kiln and began the painstaking task of creating flat bottles. Primarily made from wine, liquor and soda bottles, My Flat Bottles offers an individual and personalized product for kitchen, BBQ and wine enthusiasts.

Michael and Ana continue to expand their expertise and artistic abilities to commercial and small businesses with one of a kind products and individualized wholesale options for multiple venues. Understanding the challenges of small business ownership, they have used their experience to help other small businesses with affordable and individual marketing structures to include their high demand products.

From their family to yours, they look forward to many more years of providing exceptional products at affordable prices to individuals nationwide with the expansion to internet sales.

“Working together as a family in this beautiful mountain town; where our community is supportive and close knit, is one of the most rewarding benefits of the work we do. We enjoy creating and sharing our products with a commitment to quality that is a long standing tradition of craftsmen that founded the American dream. We are honored to be a part of this continued history.”

-Michael & Ana Stephany

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