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Custom Hand Carved Signs Make Great Gifts

October 16th, 2015 | by Ana Stephany | in Redwood Signs |    0   

carved redwood sign.jpgMore than ever before, you want to give gifts that are original, personal, and unique. Having a custom hand carved sign made is a great way to give a personal touch as a birthday, holiday, anniversary, or 'just thinking of you' gift. 

Below are a few ideas that can help to inspire you: 

RACOON HIDEAWAY – A perfect sign for someone's man-cave or garage. This gives a warning to those who might feel like peeking inside that they'll be looking into the den of a wild animal! 

LE PETIT COIN – In France, they refer to the toilet as 'the small corner'. You know how people are always coming over and looking for the bathroom? Just think of how a unique and original sign can show them to exactly the room they are looking for, especially if they love French culture and the French language. 

FIDO'S COMFY CORNER – Spruce up your dog's outdoor living space with a custom, hand carved sign. Add a little personality to a place that normally gets forgotten. 

Signs can also indicate the name of a house or the family who lives there. Personalized signs can tell a story about a person or a place, and you can even have small decorations or a picture carved in for an extra personal touch. 

The best thing about a good gift is that it is normally something that the recipient would enjoy but would never think about getting themselves. This is another reason that a custom hand crafted sign makes the perfect gift. It's something visually pleasing, practical, and something that can fit into their daily existence without adding extra clutter. 

Signs are a beautiful way to compliment a space, and add a touch of personality. Furthermore, signs can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes, meaning that whatever idea you have in mind can be carved into reality.

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